How Pilates can Help During Cancer

Our Customers Inspire Us

We have met exceptional men and women throughout the years at our Connexion Pilates studios, and we have the privilege to accompany and guide wonderful people in their life journey.

Among them, some women had to go through the ordeal of a mastectomy or a breast reconstruction. After the operation, we prepared rehabilitation Pilates sessions tailored for them, and are always touched to see how much they appreciate all the benefits of Pilates on their rebirth.

Pilates is an excellent ally after surgery. Here's why.


Spotlight on the Magnificent Woman that You Are

- Pilates offers the opportunity to work both body and mind to regain health and to regain possession of your body.

- Pilates allows you to stay in the present moment through concentration and control.

- Pilates is excellent after surgery to regain flexibility, mobility and lung capacity as well as to promote blood circulation. 


Each Session is a Small Victory

When you participate in a Pilates class, every part of the body is put to use. Rather than focusing on what works less well, it's much more rewarding to focus on what you can move and what has improved since the last time.


Breathing, Strengthening, Mobility, Flexibility


Lateral breathing and directed breathing: 

- Calm tensions;

- Promote lymphatic drainage;

- Gently stretch scars and areas affected by surgery.

After a mastectomy or breast reconstruction, the back and shoulder muscles require special attention. 

Exercises will give your back and shoulder strength and mobility to get you back in shape faster, in a gentle and safe way. It is important to work in the affected area, but it is equally important to give the body a feeling of symmetry, connection and well-being, from the scalp to the tip of the toes. 

Abdominal strengthening is part of the program as well as several other strengthening, mobility and flexibility exercises for the upper and lower limbs. Pilates is a whole that involves the body, the consciousness and the spirit. Exercise is essential for healing, and Pilates is an excellent ally to get you there!

Take back control of your body, get out of your isolation.

Pilates is waiting for you ... WE are waiting for you at Connexion Pilates!