Pilates and Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease of the nervous system that progresses chronically. It is an unpredictable and debilitating disease that attacks the brain and spinal cord. Canada's population is the most affected in the world - almost 100,000 people are affected. The immune system is disrupted and attacks the myelin, the protective layer that surrounds the brain cells. You can visualize electrical wires that lacked their insulating sheath, preventing effective transmission of current. Thus, people with multiple sclerosis have problems with sensations, movements and concentration.

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Specifically, multiple sclerosis can cause muscle and joint pain, balance and coordination disorders, difficulty walking, weakness, memory problems, all resulting in great fatigue. Affected individuals feel their muscles as in a constant feverish state and intense body aches. That's why they are strongly encouraged to do exercises to prevent their muscles from weakening. In addition, strengthening muscles and joints helps to make the associated pain a little more bearable.

That's Why Pilates Training (on a Reformer or on Other Equipment) Makes Sense!

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Several studies have shown significant improvements in the mobility and balance of people with MS who routinely practice Pilates. In order to remain self sufficient and mobile as long as possible, it is essential to obtain a good stability of the trunk - which is the essence of Pilates. In addition, stretching helps reduce pain and for its part, muscle reinforcement helps reduce MS related complications, avoiding muscle atrophy.

People with MS can’t predict how they will feel tomorrow or the day after. Fortunately, Pilates offers many opportunities to adapt to all body conditions: there is always a way to work to improve their general condition.

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"Having had multiple sclerosis for 23 years, I must take the necessary steps to stay active and maintain my muscular system as much as possible. The Pilates approach, adapted to my condition and renewed according to my needs, has led to an extraordinary improvement for more than two years. The program is constantly evolving, adjusting to my needs of the moment. I am extremely grateful and it has become a must in my daily life, thanks to Valérie, my instructor at Connexion Pilates, who accompanies me. She is professional, takes our sessions seriously and always keeps an eye on me! "

   – Claude

If like Claude you have a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, don’t wait!

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